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Why HMT?

Accurate & quantitative data produced by our unique CE-MS technology.
Over 400 projects / year operated under established QC management.
Flexible study designs including small sample size.
Extensive statistical and biological support.

We provide advanced metabolomic services covering both global profiling and quantitative targeted analyses. Our unique technology, Capillary Electrophoresis Mass Spectrometry (CE-MS), provides high quality sensitive quantitative metabolic profiling for a wide range of metabolism including bioenergetics, protein and DNA turnover, stress response, and bioprocessing. With our established technology, the experience of over 10 years of operations along with our experienced biochemists, we can advance your research goals.

Basic Scan Trial Campaign
Introduction to CE-MS Metabolomics
6 Sample Project: $4,000

Small sample amount, Variety of samples, Quick turnaround

Offer ends May 31, 2015
Global Profiling
Global profiling provides a comprehensive analysis of the metabolic pool based on CE-MS and LC-MS. It covers more than 1,200 compounds involved in sugar, amino acids, lipid and hormone metabolism. Furthermore, we provide an advanced profiling platform allowing for the identification of un-known metabolites for biomarker discovery.
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Basic / Dual Scan - Multipurpose Profiling for Global Metabolism

Advanced Scan - Ultimate Metabolomics for Biomarker Discovery
Global Profiling
Targeted Analysis
Targeted analysis provides accurate quantitation of metabolites engaged in pathways of bioenergetics, cellular proliferation, stress response, and protein turnover. It will provide an intuitive understanding of metabolic changes based on our biochemical parameters representing intracellular metabolic status. We also provide isotope labeling analysis for the determination of metabolic flux.
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C-SCOPE - Quantitative Analysis of Central Energy Metabolism

F-SCOPE - 13C Isotope Labeling Analysis
Targeted Analysis
  Global Profiling Targeted Analysis
  Advanced Scan Basic Scan Dual Scan C-SCOPE F-SCOPE
Target +Unknown*1 metabolites Primary metabolic pathways +Lipid metabolism Central energetic metabolism Carbon & Amino acid turn-over
Coverage Central carbon metabolism
Protein & DNA

(optional choice)
Other primary metabolism    
Lipid profiling        
“Unknown” biomarkers        
Our Library 1,500 +
unknown peaks*1
900 1,200 116
+ 30 parameters*2
+ isotopmers*3
Reporting value Relative values
(Quantitation option is available)
Absolute quantitation Relative values
+ Quantitation OP
Data analysis + Marker Screening Statistical analysis, PCA, HCA, Pathway mapping
(*depending on study design)
Isotope distribution
Applications Biomarker Biomarker / Fingerprinting / MOA MOA

*1 Unknown peaks mean metabolite without corresponding detection profiles in our compound library.
*2 Biochemical parameters are calculated from detection values and represents cellular status. [ See more ]
*3 Targets are selected from i) 30 carbon-flux metabolites, and/or ii) 24 amino acid-flux metabolites. [ See more ]